Monday, September 18, 2017

I need to tell you something

So SE came up to me last week with a completely crestfallen face.

I have something to tell you

SE:  Mummy, I need to tell you something
Me:  What?  *feeling uneasy at her body language

SE:  I think I need to go to the hospital
Me:  Hmm?  Why?  *uneasiness getting worse

SE:   Because, because I ate booger today *her face crumples and she starts to cry
Me:  Err eat what? ("booger" or that stuff from the nose is not a word we normally use)

SE:  Eat booger... waahhhhh
Me:  Who told you eat booger need to go to the hospital??

Aiyo hahaha.  I'm so relieved and tickled at the same time, and quickly snapped this photo.

From later conversations, this must have came from my maid telling her that if she eats dirty things, worms will grow in her stomach.  Hence she thought she had a serious problem after eating booger.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mall activity - Pirates

Sometimes we catch activities at the mall.  This was one they particularly enjoyed. 

First up, the ball pit.  JE was excitedly telling me she's always wanted to go for this.

Found the flag! Here you go

Can u spot me?

Another portion was dressing up as pirates.

And now the scarf...

JE is happy, now for SE

This is so ug-ger-ly!

 SE is such a fussypot.  Luckily there was another costume in her size, sort of.

We are pirates!

Kids kept clamouring to go back again another day.  (Of course I said no)  The people staffing this event were young and good-looking, but looked bored and disinterested in the whole affair gosh.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

"Teaching" SE

SE doesn't read well in either English or Bahasa.  I tried to revise some Bahasa with SE...

Su Ern, what is this word (pointing to "guru"/teacher)?

Ermm G-U- ju... 

Mummy: No, G-U in Bahasa is always GU.

G-U Gu, R-U.... R-U....

Mummy: What is the sound of "R"?

Rrrr....rrr.  Uuuh... uuuh

Mummy: R-U is RU.  OK what is Gu-ru?

Mummy! This is so HARD!!

Mummy: Guru means "teacher".  Come here and sit properly.

Why you want me to read this word. So HARD!

Mummy: No this is not hard. "Guru" means teacher.  OK?  And sit properly.


Sigh.  This is going nowhere fast, let's leave this for another day.  I keep reminding myself that JE was also like this at SE's age, and now she can read already.

Another day comes.  Su Ern, what is GURU?

Mummy! This is so HARD!


Monday, August 28, 2017

When hubby has the kids

I leave JE with hubby for a while to take SE to the toilet.  When we get back, JE is licking a lollipop.  SE's face immediately crumples up...

Papa.... why only Jo Ern get lollipop...

Papa... I also want... WAAAAA

So hubby takes her to choose a lollipop too.  Grrrr.  It was almost lunch-time and I don't want them eating that many sweets anyway.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Mermaid tails

Following on from "Fairy Wings", here are "Mermaid Tails"!  Nope I'm not arty and don't make stuff.  Got them online and these are made of soft fleece.

We are mermaids!

SE generally doesn't like things covering her legs though. JE makes more use of her mermaid tail.

I'm a mermaid combing my hair

Monday, August 21, 2017

Ah Kong's birthday 2017

We celebrated my father's birthday on the actual day, 19th August.  Always good when it falls on a weekend!

Venue was Extra Super Tanker at Glo Damansara.  The food was ok (overall rather salty though) and what I liked best was the duck with mantao.  Bro-in-law ordered the food for the night and promptly forgot the details, so we had to guess what we were eating!  I didn't take a single food photo.

All of us with the birthday boy! 

Hmm somebody is not too happy

The not-happy one

It happened during Ah Mah's birthday last year, and it happened again.  She really wanted to blow the candles and just could not reach them!  Evidence from slightly earlier....

SE:  Waaaa I cannot reach

Haha poor kiddo. 

Happy birthday to Papa/Ah Kong!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Checking JE's eyes

Following on from "checking Papa's eyes"...

JE has been mentioning that she can't see the projected words in class.  Since we were passing by at the optician...

Now let's see what's happening

Did you get the angle right?

Check properly, now

Oh?? Is that right??

That little busybody.

On JE, the shop guy said the machine does detect some power, but it only gives a rough estimate so he can't tell for sure.  And that if he takes her in for the usual eye test, he doesn't think she will be able to tell accurately the point where things are clear or not.  He recommended we take her to an eye doctor.  And sit down at home with her, sit down and compare what we can see vs what she can.

Must do that then.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Lining up

These animals?  They're lining up for something.  Looks like it will be a long wait.

Haha... found this queue of animals when I came home one night.  And caught a girl to take a photo together with the line.

Queuing patiently

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fairy wings

I try not to buy them too many toys, but sometimes I can't resist.  Haha.

We are fairies!

They wore these in the mall directly after purchase.  Attracted quite some attention too.  After all, what can be sweeter than a little girl with fairy wings?  :)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


This is JE doing homework.

Draw n erase, draw n erase

Nooo I cannot draw properly!!

After half an hour of vigorous effort, the paper is totally blank.  I tell her to stop erasing and just leave it, the drawing is fine as long as teacher can tell what it is.  (This is just to draw, from the options, which food she likes and which she doesn't like. In the correct box)

Teacher say must draw nice nice!

I cannot, I cannot!

She's in a Chinese school.  There isn't all that much homework actually.  But if someone keeps getting distracted looking for missing things/ sharpening pencils/ changing the pencil in use/ chatting to other people/ paying attention to everything else that is going on/ constantly erasing whatever she has written or drawn/ crying that she cannot do things... how to finish?  Sigh.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Massage chair

Hubby has been eyeing a massage chair for years.  Finally... ta-dahhh.

Time to relax

* massage massage

Ahhh how relaxing

And nope, the small girl can NOT be removed during the massage.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pink teddy bears

When someone is really naughty, does things only as she likes and ignores things that she doesn't like... 

But is cute and has hair tied up with pink teddy bears... 

* heart melts *

Friday, July 21, 2017


She started dinner the same time as the main bunch of adults and kids.  I came back from work about halfway through and started eating.  Some of the earlier bunch finished.  The maids started eating.  My sister came back after the maids were finished and started eating.  After EVERYONE finished, there she was, my daughter, still eating.

Tee hee hee

Don't take photo!

I'm not kidding that she is a VERY slow eater.  Some of the reasons I have observed:

1.  She keeps food in her cheek without chewing
2.  She chews and chews without swallowing
3.  After swallowing, she takes a long time to put the next spoonful of food in her mouth.  She looks here and there, squirms around, plays with the food in her plate...



Mummy calls me Turtle

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kittens round 2

We never did solve the problem of the kittens.  The plan was to keep only 1 or 2 of the 5 kittens.  However, the executor (aka hubby) of the plan to drop off the unwanted ones at a nearby wet market-site never delivered on the job.  In the meantime, there was a day when I drove back home at night.  Switched on the porch lights and opened the front door, proceeding to unload the car of kids and various belongings.  When suddenly I noticed there was a kitten under my front tyre.  It was quite dead.  :(

SE kept saying, "Mummy made the kitten die!"

Later at night, that changed to, "Mummy KILLED the kitten!"

And hubby had the cheek to call me "cat-killer"... as if it wasn't traumatising enough to have driven over a poor innocent kitten.  So it was down to 4 kittens.

Well, this didn't last too long.  Coz a week later, he reversed over another kitten.  (He got a taste of his own medicine this time!  He was traumatised also, and yes, of course I had to call him "cat-killer too).  We already did take precautions to always locate and remove the kittens before driving in and out, but in that case the kitten walked back under the car after being removed.  So it was down to 3 kittens.  And our shopping list included a large sack of cat food.

2 of the 3 remaining kittens were female and we were going to take them to the vet to be spayed.  Before that happened... BOTH became pregnant.  Gosh they were just, what, 5 months old!!

We left the kittens alone for 2 weeks.  And now...

Now what do we have here...

Kittens again! 
(I named this one Spook)

And this one is Puff 
(unless it's Notpuff, who is the same colour but less puffy than Puff)

Don't squeeze the neck, Su Ern!

*Pet pet pet*

Heh we have kittens to pet again!  I like Spook, the all-black one.  Hopefully we find homes for the rest.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The 7yo

JE is all of 7 years old now.  She's a sweet kid overall.  Just prone to slight bouts of sulkiness especially when the Papa is around.

I'll only take this picture then I will go with Papa

Then off she went with hubby and refused to come take more photos.  Until we crossed paths again in the garden...

Hmm I'm off to the other side 

And she quickly hopped it.  Hubby isn't as trigger-happy with the camera, so I won't get photos of the kid who is with him unless I remember to make a special and express request.  One more photo at the exit...

I'm with Papa

Sometimes she just wants to go her own way.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Listen and think

Sometimes have to hide laughter when confronted by this angry little girl...

When someone is guilty of not doing something the way she wants it done:
Why you not listening?!
Is it you have no ear??

Another phrase:
I know coz *I* am thinking! YOU are not thinking!

Don't bother with people who don't listen or think

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I want to be Mummy

SE:  Next time I will be big and big.
Me:  Good. Then you can help me wash the dishes, tidy up...
SE:  Mummy!  I said I want to be MUMMY!  Not KAKAK!

Hehehe.  And I already wash dishes for myself and the kids, wipe the table and whatnot.  (My maid is overall good, but she doesn't work as fast as the previous one.)

My maid also laughed and told her that Mummy also washes dishes and tidies up.

While in principle it'd be good to have the kids do chores, that way generally takes too much effort to be worthwhile for now.

I just want to be a Mummy... hmmpff