Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Ipoh trip 2017 - Food

When in Ipoh, eat.  (My weighing machine mysteriously jumped a few digits, but I'll have to deal with that later).

First dinner was at Soo Har Yee.  It was a long wait, about 45 minutes.

SE is not amused. Just hungry. Very hungry.

Finally the food arrived!  First was the sweet sour crab in a bun.  This was good!  But I was amused at the end of the meal to see that 'Crab' was RM144.  'Bread' was RM15.  Hehe could have sworn that 'Crab' and 'Bread' were one integrated item!  The crabs could have been firmer but the cooking style was good.  The charsiew-like pork was heavenly.  Other dishes were all right.  Overall, while it was pricier than expected given the coffee-shop setting, would happily come here again.

Crab in bread, soy sauce prawns, pork

Another memorable meal... Hubby's target was the pork satay at Kong Heng.  While it was closed that day, turned out the satay stall was actually located in the next shop - didn't quite realise it after all these years!.  Good, except that not a single table was available.  It was only by chance that we found out we could sit at the 3rd shop and order from the 2nd shop (1st shop being Kong Heng)!  Yay finally!  This shop was not busy at all and we could eat in peace without people hungrily eyeing our table.  Hubby had packed away the satay before knowing they could actually deliver to this shop/

Nomm the satay

The girls got a giant cotton candy flower.  Back in my days, these only came in a pink blob haha.

Pose first 



We also had Michelangelo's pizza.  Bacon, Italian sausage, smoked meat, blue cheese, mozzarella, eggs... about a million calories here!  This was good too.  But next time would probably save stomach space for local food.

Gimme some of that...

There were still some more places I'd wanted to eat at.  Some were closed, and there was just no time for others.  Oh well, next time.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ipoh trip 2017

Second trip of the holidays.... Ipoh!  We just went back to the previous place since we liked it.  But there was a cheaper unit so why not heh.

Look what I found, owls!

The kids enjoyed the facilities, as before.

Me on the zip-line!

Love the pool!

Love the sand!

The weather was hot when we were there.  We went to the caves, fed turtles...

Which turtle to feed next...

I'll feed the small cute ones!

Turtles galore

Fed the fish...  JE threw in the food ONE pellet at a time.  SE on the other hand, threw by fistfuls and yelled "Party!" at the fish.  Hehe.

I only have nice pictures of JE from my comfy seat in the shade.  It was too hot and I didn't want to follow SE as she walked round the pond.

I will make this packet of food last forever!

Next post will be on food.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Genting one more time

We were in Genting again for the first trip of the year-end school holidays, the kids asked for it.

Well why not... the weather is cool and it's not far away.  The cartoons run 24 hours...

Now to find the cartoon channel

Food choices are never-ending and just a walk away...

Like my cute plate set?

Going to get nice dimsum!

Christmas deco is mostly already up.  Cute theme this time with Snoopy.

It's a Snoopy Xmas

There were Snoopy's all over.  But couldn't really take decent photos as they were all lit from the bottom.  SE brought along the toy squirrel hubby looked all over Europe for.

Squee my pet squirrel is on Snoopy!

Someone didn't feel like posing for photos...

No want take photo. Want hide behind Papa

We were there 2 nights, seemed pretty long.  But it was a relaxing break for sure.  The kids played in the bathtub every single day, ate junk food.and vegetated like this throughout:

Ahhh. Car-toooons

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Finished Standard1!

This one survived a year in a Chinese school!  She still doesn't speak Mandarin well yet, but her class teacher told me she has improved.  This class teacher is a good one.  I think she just started working - she's hardworking and passionate about her job, and kind to the kids.  I'm happy JE got a smooth start in the relatively alien world of primary school and a Mandarin-speaking one at that. 

JE was in the top 10 in class and 89th in the school.  Not great (I was always at the top in MY time!) but guess she's doing all right.  Definitely thanks to Ah Mah and Ah Kong for their dedication to the kids.  Me and hubby are 'banana' Chinese and thus pretty useless in a Chinese environment.

And now that the school holidays has started, time for some rest and relaxation.  Plus a bit of study and preparation too of course.


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Baking cookies

We still seldom bake.  Because the kids still don't eat much.  (And Mummy typically has to finish up all the baking results.)

Anyway, posting this since this is the first time SE is actually making cookies!  Usually she is a nuisance and has to be captured and removed from the scene.  Or she doesn't want to get her hands dirty.

These drop choc chip cookies are perfect, easy and there's no need to use her hands.

They had to fight over the batter container though.  Pulling it this way and that.

Take dough, and...

Put nicely on tray

Results were quite good!  Now I'm hoping they will eat more of the cookies.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The kids' garden

When JE gets to my parents' house in the morning, she goes over to this section:

How are you doing, my plant?

Each of the kids have their own plant.  JE will fill up water and water her plant, which is a Japanese rose.  And gets pretty excited when new buds form and flowers appear.

Poor SE wasn't happy with HER plant.  She burst into tears one day in the car.  The crying was loud and I got worried if there was something wrong.  Then she managed to blurt out, in between anguished sobs...

Ah mah made me plant ONION
I don't like Onion


The plant has since been changed to a Japanese rose as well.

But just for the record, here is a picture of the offending plant...

Yeah it IS ugly also

Thursday, November 9, 2017


SE was still sleepy after her nap.  Lay down on the floor so I just snapped pictures.


She is so sweet when she sleeps.

Sleep a while first

Then I planned to go back to my me-time, surfing the net...

Emm? Wake up time?

Well what to do.  Time to get her some afternoon snack.