Friday, July 21, 2017


She started dinner the same time as the main bunch of adults and kids.  I came back from work about halfway through and started eating.  Some of the earlier bunch finished.  The maids started eating.  My sister came back after the maids were finished and started eating.  After EVERYONE finished, there she was, my daughter, still eating.

Tee hee hee

Don't take photo!

I'm not kidding that she is a VERY slow eater.  Some of the reasons I have observed:

1.  She keeps food in her cheek without chewing
2.  She chews and chews without swallowing
3.  After swallowing, she takes a long time to put the next spoonful of food in her mouth.  She looks here and there, squirms around, plays with the food in her plate...



Mummy calls me Turtle

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kittens round 2

We never did solve the problem of the kittens.  The plan was to keep only 1 or 2 of the 5 kittens.  However, the executor (aka hubby) of the plan to drop off the unwanted ones at a nearby wet market-site never delivered on the job.  In the meantime, there was a day when I drove back home at night.  Switched on the porch lights and opened the front door, proceeding to unload the car of kids and various belongings.  When suddenly I noticed there was a kitten under my front tyre.  It was quite dead.  :(

SE kept saying, "Mummy made the kitten die!"

Later at night, that changed to, "Mummy KILLED the kitten!"

And hubby had the cheek to call me "cat-killer"... as if it wasn't traumatising enough to have driven over a poor innocent kitten.  So it was down to 4 kittens.

Well, this didn't last too long.  Coz a week later, he reversed over another kitten.  (He got a taste of his own medicine this time!  He was traumatised also, and yes, of course I had to call him "cat-killer too).  We already did take precautions to always locate and remove the kittens before driving in and out, but in that case the kitten walked back under the car after being removed.  So it was down to 3 kittens.  And our shopping list included a large sack of cat food.

2 of the 3 remaining kittens were female and we were going to take them to the vet to be spayed.  Before that happened... BOTH became pregnant.  Gosh they were just, what, 5 months old!!

We left the kittens alone for 2 weeks.  And now...

Now what do we have here...

Kittens again! 
(I named this one Spook)

And this one is Puff 
(unless it's Notpuff, who is the same colour but less puffy than Puff)

Don't squeeze the neck, Su Ern!

*Pet pet pet*

Heh we have kittens to pet again!  I like Spook, the all-black one.  Hopefully we find homes for the rest.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The 7yo

JE is all of 7 years old now.  She's a sweet kid overall.  Just prone to slight bouts of sulkiness especially when the Papa is around.

I'll only take this picture then I will go with Papa

Then off she went with hubby and refused to come take more photos.  Until we crossed paths again in the garden...

Hmm I'm off to the other side 

And she quickly hopped it.  Hubby isn't as trigger-happy with the camera, so I won't get photos of the kid who is with him unless I remember to make a special and express request.  One more photo at the exit...

I'm with Papa

Sometimes she just wants to go her own way.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Listen and think

Sometimes have to hide laughter when confronted by this angry little girl...

When someone is guilty of not doing something the way she wants it done:
Why you not listening?!
Is it you have no ear??

Another phrase:
I know coz *I* am thinking! YOU are not thinking!

Don't bother with people who don't listen or think

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I want to be Mummy

SE:  Next time I will be big and big.
Me:  Good. Then you can help me wash the dishes, tidy up...
SE:  Mummy!  I said I want to be MUMMY!  Not KAKAK!

Hehehe.  And I already wash dishes for myself and the kids, wipe the table and whatnot.  (My maid is overall good, but she doesn't work as fast as the previous one.)

My maid also laughed and told her that Mummy also washes dishes and tidies up.

While in principle it'd be good to have the kids do chores, that way generally takes too much effort to be worthwhile for now.

I just want to be a Mummy... hmmpff

Friday, June 30, 2017

The "Goose Pond"

While hubby is away in East Europe, we slept one night at my parents' house.  The kids decided they wanted the bed so I took the mattress on the floor.  Which was a good thing as it turned out.  SE moves A LOT in sleep.  JE ended up like this in the morning:

JE: * Almost falling off bed
SE: Ahhhh

I had a good night's sleep by myself (teeheehee).

Then a quick visit to the place nearby dubbed the "goose pond".  So nice to have this kind of nature place close by.

Going down down down

Four girls and one grandma

Ahhh don't let that ferocious chicken near me

I was hoping to pet some rabbits.  While we did see rabbits as well as fish, chicken, sheep and turkeys, there was a major problem:  The Geese!  Gahh.  These were noisy, seemed upset with our presence and followed us around. 

Honk honk honk and go away!

We had to leave because of them, but it was time to anyway.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Gymrama progress

Our Saturday routine now includes gymrama at 1130am to 1pm.  Not too bad as the girls can wake up late, have a leisurely breakfast and chill around a bit before it's time to go for gymrama.

Warming up

I wait there since it's a 30min drive... no point driving back and forth.  I generally do my own thing as I don't want to get stressed out about their prowess, or lack thereof.  JE seems to be doing well enough...

Point toes, step, step

Leg up

SE, however...  Every time I look her way, she would wave at me, extend her arms for a hug or just run over to me.  So I make it a point NOT to look.  Then one day, I looked up long enough to notice that she DOESN'T follow instructions!  While the rest of the class watch the teachers, she looks outside, at the ceiling, at other people.  While others practice the steps, she would just stand there or fiddle with her leotard/hair/specs.  Partly it's because she doesn't understand instructions, some of which would be delivered in Mandarin (this is a Chinese school, after all). Partly because she's younger, some motor skills like bouncing a ball and jumping a rope are beyond her.  So now she gets stern instructions from me to FOLLOW WHAT THE TEACHER SAYS.

Sometimes she does that.

Point toes, arms up

Quite often I still catch her NOT following.  Oh this small girl.  I guess learning SOME of the skills are better than nothing haha.